Meet Our Tutors

Babatola Olajide

Name: Babatola Olajide

Course: Mathematics

Qualification: BSc Statistics

Years of Experience: 13 Years

Personal Statement: “Change your thoughts and change your life.” With great passion and patience, I engage my students in setting a positive mindset towards learning the subject Mathematics, with the simplest approach.

Ugegeh Desmond O.

Name: Ugegeh Desmond O.

Course: Biology

Qualification: BSc Zoology

Years of Experience: Six Years

Personal Statement: My goal is to achieve excellence in imparting students with the necessary knowledge and practical understanding of Biology.

Martins-Ojo Temitayo

Name: Martins-Ojo Temitayo

Course: Economics

Qualification: BSc Economics

Years of Experience: Four Years

Personal Statement: My mission as a teacher is to instill the belief in my students that they can achieve anything. I will show them empathy and fairness. I will treat them as individuals and impact thier lives intellectually. I will strive to mold my students into independent thinkers and teach them how to seek out solutions by themselves.

Adeniji Stephen

Name: Adeniji Stephen

Course: Chemistry

Qualification: BSc Chemistry

Years of Experience: Five Years

Personal Statement: As a science teacher, I never let anything slip. I present details in a simple and systematic way, which makes learning absolutely fun for my students.

Stephen Onuagha

Name: Stephen Onuagha

Course: Physics

Qualification: BSc Microbiology

Years of Experience: 13 Years

Personal Statement: My approach is research-based, and I teach in a clear and easily understandable manner.