Why do you go to a tutorial centre when preparing for an examination?

Is it because you are trying to get 3 years’ worth of education crammed into your head in 1 month?

News flash, it is not going to work. Not because the tutorial centres can’t go through every topic in the JAMB and WAEC Syllabus in a short time, they can, they just can’t make you memorize everything because there are too many students to focus on, and some classes don’t just enter your head in the afternoon.

Is it because you are looking for expo?

Do you know that expo cannot be relied upon? Many people have banked on expo and been let down by it. Either the expo was fake, or the exam board became suspicious and failed everybody

Is it because you want an affordable lesson?

Well, considering the educational value you’ll derive, is it really that affordable? Are you sure you’ll get the value of your money?

Is it because you need new friends?

Do you really need a new friend? Do you?

Whatever your reason for choosing to register for a tutorial centre, I’m here to give you 5 good reason to consider an online alternative to a Tutorial Centre.

I’ll be using Eduland Africa as my case study

You can confirm everything I’ll say by visiting

In Eduland Africa, you can have access to every single class you’ve ever studied in school. Not the notes from these classes, no. You also get videos of actual, qualified teachers teaching you like you are in a classroom.

So, why should you pay for a subject on Eduland Africa, and not go to an actual tutorial centre?

1. Value

You get more than you paid for, and you get value. You can rewind and rewatch a subject until you understand it, after each topic you have to answer a quiz to prove to yourself that you understand the topic, before you move to the next topic, and you get many more values I’ll highlight below.

2. Convenience

You don’t need to leave your bedroom and there is no set time for classes. You can login whenever your brain is ready to learn, and start learning. If you have a job, you can concentrate on your job and earn your full pay, then when you get home, have eaten, and rested, you can start your class.

3. Affordability

The cost of a class will not cut your throat. We have classes for as low as 200 naira a week, to 1200 naira a month. You can test the waters with the 200 Naira plan, and stay because this water is great.

Even when it comes to data. You can set the video quality of your classes to 360p to reduce the consumption of data, and still get a visible whiteboard.

4. Freebies

You get access to past questions and the answers to these past questions, for free. There are free video classes on a topic in each subject. You get GMAT, SAT, and IELTS video for free, and you get to rank yourself against other users on Eduland Africa.

5. Extra

And if your hobby is making new friends, you can say ‘hi’ to the other members in Eduland Africa if you download the app. If you have a question, you can ask the teachers and they’ll reply within 24 hours.

Now with all these reasons, why not invest your money in a more convenient and effective tutorial centre on your laptop or phone?

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